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We proudly present our new Gallery

Our collections

Our collections

The core of our gallery will always be our cameo jewelry. Our entire team is wearing it already - be part of this culture. 

Wait until you see our breathtaking atelier collection. Every piece in this collection has been hand-picked by Bernd Stephan.

Be thrilled by the wide range of classic and modern hand engravings from Idar-Oberstein's most famed engravers as well as find the highest grade of expertly cut turquoise from our lapidary shop. 

Another highlight will be our gemstone jewelry collection with charming bracelets, pendants and necklaces.

We will be happy to take your order.

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Launching Stephangems

Launching Stephangems

The time has come and the time is right!

The team at Herbert Stephan KG has been working closely for the past year to open on April 1st, 2021.

This is a project created completely in-house. Photography, programming, videos, texts, and all other related branding activities are executed by our talented employees who have made the online shop their personal goal.

We are exceptionally proud of the skills of our entire team and will continuously extend our offering in the upcoming months.

Please use the code "Launch" at checkout for a 10% discount.

Our gemstones make people happy!

#stephanfamily         #stephangems        #happygems:-)


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Welcome to Stephan Gems!

Welcome to Stephan Gems!

People still need something beautiful. The Stephan family unites Idar-Oberstein's greatest artists under one roof. #stephanfamily stands for three generations of entrepreneurs. Herbert, Klaus, and Bernd Stephan share one passion: making the best gems to provide the colors of the world.

We welcome you to our world and guarantee that all products in this store were sustainably sourced and ethically produced in our studios in and around Idar-Oberstein, Germany. 

Kathrin & Bernd Stephan


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Flower Power Cameo Gemstone Award 2019
Agate is our greatest passion!
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