Launching our HappyGems-Collection

Launching our HappyGems-Collection

We are proud to officially launch our HappyGems Collection.

HappyGems are our vision of sustainable luxury. We are using rough that remains from many luxury collections because of inclusions, color variations, spots or any other beautiful imperfections. Due to the naturalness of the material, each carving looks different.

This means, that every HappyGem is an individual piece of jewelry, 100% made in our factory in Frauenberg, Germany.

By using our surplus gemstone rough we are able to improve material yield, keep costs attractive and most importantly - push our sustainable practices: Because the better we use our material, the less we have to extract from the earth.

Our pendants are out now, more HappyGems jewelry coming soon.

HappyGems - We give gems a second life