Welcome to Stephangems

Our online shop is a project created completely in-house. Photography, programming, videos, texts, and all other related branding activities are executed by our talented employees who have made the online shop their personal goal.We are exceptionally proud of the skills of our entire team and will continuously extend our offering in the upcoming months.

The core of our gallery will always be our cameo jewelry. Furthermore you need to see our breathtaking atelier collection, every piece in this collection has been hand-picked by Bernd Stephan. Be thrilled by the wide range of classic and modern hand engravings from Idar-Oberstein's most famed engravers as well as find the highest grade of expertly cut turquoise from our lapidary shop. Another highlight will be our gemstone jewelry collection with charming bracelets, pendants and necklaces.

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Responsible sourcing

More and more consumers want to know where their products are made and if their components are sourced responsibly. Leaders of the industry are talking about the creation of standards on gem sourcing and several larger players have already started to change their sourcing strategies. We are joining this effort by pursuing maximum transparency inside our supply chain.

As of today, we are buying more than 90% of our gems from trustworthy, documented sources, preferably directly at the mine or from local middlemen. Although total traceability is difficult, we believe disclosure builds trust. As the industry shifts towards ethical sourcing, we’re proud to share where our gems are coming from and create sustainable products from the mine to the end consumer. Every year, we enlarge our current assortment of responsible sourced gems to be presented at the world’s largest Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson, Arizona.

Moreover Stephan is not only known for sustainable sourcing of rough but also for environmentally friendly thinking. Our Stephan packaging is 100% recyclable and is produced by a local company in Idar-Oberstein, August Schmelzer.


Individuality in series production

Gemstone manufacturer Herbert Stephan KG has been a reliable supplier to the world’s jewelry industry for more than 75 years. Our products are tailored to the individual wishes of our customers – and that means your wishes, whether you prefer created or genuine gemstones. We combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your gemstones are marked by individuality – even if produced in large series. We start by choosing materials that are always of the highest quality:

  • Agates from Idar-Oberstein
  • Genuine gemstones
  • Semi-precious gems, such as mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, malachite, tiger’s eye, pink opal, chrysoprase, pink chalcedony, turquoise, jasper, amethyst, citrine
  • Machine-cut doublets and triplets
  • Created gemstones with the same physical and chemical properties as their natural counterparts.

Our technology center is one of a kind, and is already more than fifty years old. That was when we began using machines to achieve unsurpassed efficiency and production capacities. We are constantly and consistently working to further develop our computer-controlled machines so that we can process your gemstones to suit your wishes: quickly, reliably, and always with the highest level of precision. Our cutting, drilling, ultrasonic and laser engraving skills enable us to offer you customer-specific gemstones made to measure, and to do so on an absolutely sound economic foundation. We can supply any required quantities, and if you wish, we will even build the machinery necessary to produce your product. We create individuality in series production.


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