HappyGems - We give gems a second life!

HappyGems - We give gems a second life!

We are proud to debut our reclaimed or upcycled collection called HappyGems.

This collection is 100% made in house in Germany by using all of the premium stone material that remains from the many luxury designer collections we create throughout the year. By combining all of our skills and materials, we are able to craft wonderfully unique and one of a kind pieces - unseen in the market before and upgraded by using recycled sterling silver or recycled gold.

By using our surplus gemstone rough we are able to improve material yield, keep costs attractive and most importantly - push our sustainable practices. Improving yield is not only a cost saving measure but is also a way to strive towards a higher standard in eco consciousness as the better we use our material, the less we have to extract from the earth.



At Stephan - sustainability is not only a buzzword, it's a vision we engage in from the use of our recycled packaging and the agreements we hold with our mining partners to the care we take in pushing for better yields every day. We have chosen not to wait for industry regulations to ask for better practices, we have decided instead to demand them of ourselves.

All that being said, reclaimed is an exhilarating new way to look at cameo jewely. All of the quality craftsmanship and classic designs prowess you have to come to appreciate from us now also available in turquoise, lapis, malachite, tiger's eye, jasper or hematite for example. While agate remains our core cameo material offering, we are excited and honored to bring progressive gemstone design to you with reclaimed cameos for everyone.